The Coming Months

   The days are drawing nearer.  I will be getting out of the Air Force within a couple months, Jacki and I will be moving back to Texas after six years, and Lyle is waiting impatiently for our arrival. Jacki has put in her end of work notice and is counting down her 12 hour nights working as a 911 emergency dispatcher.  Lyle is taking general education classes at a community college, while enthusiastically pursuing enlightenment.  I am fighting a losing battle of senioritis at my job.  I’m still doing what I need to do, but oh man is it difficult to care or put forth the extra effort.  I never lack on customer service though.  I really do care about people, just not worthless policies…We all think about the trail each day.  It’s not just a far away thought of something we’re going to do, it’s only a few months away now.  We’ll even be buying tickets for the one way flight to Atlanta next week.  There’s a lot to do before then, and I’m not even talking about planning for the hike (which will be almost non-existent).  There’s a lot required to get out of the military, and we have to move all of our stuff half way across the country.  It’ll be a lot of work, but it’ll be even more exciting for us all.I think I’ve come a long way in video production.  I’ve not only learned many great new filming techniques, but I’ve grown to appreciate great audio recording and various editing methods.  It can be a lot of hard, creative work, but I really do enjoy doing it.  I always get a lot of appreciation from others as well, which does well to boost my enthusiasm about different projects and especially The Project – Hitched Hike.

Lyle has been working on creating music for the film with a friend in Austin, Mason.  I used a short bit of their work in a video for the Friends of Georgia State Parks video contest.  It made the video.

It’s a beautiful blend of acoustic guitar and violin.  I’m looking forward to hearing their new works in the near future.  Lyle also plans to bring along a small guitar on the trail.  I also have a harmonica that Jacki bought me for our 6 year anniversary.  I’m still working on playing something that doesn’t sound like a dying cat.In case you haven’t heard, we’re on Facebook!
We will also be making periodic trail Video updates while on the AT.  This is something that I hadn’t thought about then it suddenly dawned on me that it is not only possible, but pretty darn easy!  Here’s our “first” trail update of me explaining how we’ll be updating everyone.

Many things will be drastically changing in our lives within the next few months.  It’s hard to think about all of it though when the trail’s beckoning call is growing stronger.