Contact Lenses On the Trail

For all the folks out there with non-perfect vision and not enough money or care to go and get lasik or other various forms of vision correction surgery (and all of you that really don’t like wearing glasses)…  There’s hope to see the trail clearly without dealing with contact hassle.

I have worn contacts for a while, most of my life.  I am in fact wearing them right now, just like I always am.
I came to a conclusion a few months ago that I don’t have to wear the same type of contacts any more, especially for the trail.  I was wearing the standard 2 week disposable contacts.  The type you put in every morning and take out every night.  It was taboo to sleep in them and it was actually briefed and ingrained into us at Basic Military Training that leaving them in for long periods of time could have DEVASTATING EFFECTS.  This can be true, with certain contacts that I don’t feel like researching.

I saw an ad while watching the Olympics this year.  Maybe you saw it, too.  Air Optix Night and Day.  Contacts you can wear for 30 days and nights.  30 days!! Even while sleeping!!  I don’t have to attempt to clean my hands of imbedded dirt and grime, then put in icy contacts while confined to my sleeping bag.  Just pop ’em in once a month when I’m in town or somewhere I can get legitimately cleaned up.  Sounds like a fantasy.AIR_OPTIX_NIGHTANDDAY_AQUA_Box
So, I went in made an appointment with an optometrist, got an exam/fitting ,and put them in.  I’ve been wearing these contacts for 2 months (2 different pairs), and I must say; they’re pretty awesome.  My vision was corrected to 20/10 (I can see those bears from VERY far away).
Note:  When I first started wearing them, I would get some lovely eye buggies in the morning.  That doesn’t really happen anymore.

There are a little pricy.  I bought a year supply for $230.  I did not pay for these first two pairs.  The first pair was a trial, and I asked for another pair when I ordered mine from the optometrists because I was going out of town and it would be a bit before they came in.  Two free pairs.  I felt pretty good about that, be sure to do the same if you decide to get some.

If any of you were wondering what on eye you were going to do about your contacts out there, I hope this helps open your options.