About Us

Hitched Hike is a story of adventure.

In February 2013, three friends began their 5-6 month journey along the historic Appalachian Trail. The plan was to document the beauty, challenge, trail culture, and ultimately the experience of hiking the trail. Our goal is to enlighten and inspire others to go on adventures with those they love.  You only live once.  Experience what this world has to offer.

Trail Name: Timber

Background:  I was born and raised in Texas, playing with wandering tumble weeds of the desert plains in my early years.   I spent most of my memorable years growing up in Austin until I joined the U.S. Air Force in 2007.  I didn’t have any specific direction that I wanted to travel in my life, but I knew that I needed to keep moving, and seek out adventure.  After six years of growing and maturing, I have a better understanding of myself, my goals and my purpose.  Pursue what my heart desires, and set aside the confines of culture, tradition, and society’s image of the proper “life”.

Hobbies: Trying new things, video/audio production, story telling/listening, good conversation.

Education:  AA in Arabic Studies and an AAS in Intelligence Studies.  Currently pursuing a bachelor’s degree in Radio, Television and Film with plans to focus on building a creative videography business around adventuring.

Goals:  Adventure and explore in all aspects.



Trail Name: Little Engine (The Little Engine That Could)

Family: Wonderful parents, 3 older sisters and their husbands, 3 nieces, and 1 nephew.

Background: I grew up just outside of San Francisco, CA on a military base in Novato.  I am a proud Navy brat and was an Air Force wife for 6 years.  My dad retired when I was 7 and we moved to Austin, TX, which I consider to be “home.” I couldn’t have had a better childhood or a more loving family.

Hobbies: Scrapbooking, backpacking, crossfit, knitting, reading, tea not coffee, and different kinds of races and runs.

Education: High School Diploma and some college.

Past Occupations: 911 Dispatcher, Liberty Tax Office Manager, Lifeguard/Pool Manager, Horse Poop Shoveler.

Goals: To always live life to the fullest, travel as much as I possibly can.



Lyle Denman
Trail Name: Ambo (Ambassador)

Hobbies: Biking, photography, programming, playing guitar, camping, backpacking. I enjoy bonfires with friends.
Education: AA in Arabic Studies. Planning to pursue a computer science or environmental science degree with focus on education, sustainable agriculture and energy.

Goals: Build a “tiny house”. Have a small, sustainable organic farm. Contribute to technology geared towards child education.  Work for an organization that educates and provides sustainable housing, food and energy to communities.

I’m looking forward to pursuing new callings in life and what the future has to offer.